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Technical German

My courses take place at your premises in 🇱🇺 Luxembourg.


Technical German
Communicating on the construction site
Tangible progress in a short time


Book a course :

Send me an email:

- How many colleagues would like to attend?

- What exactly do you need German for?

I will give you a price quote.

We will make an appointment for our preliminary discussion.




German courses for construction managers, technicians and architects


The goal of your specialized course

Learning German for the construction sector - a good idea, especially in Luxembourg, where there are many German-speaking colleagues, craftsmen and suppliers.
If you also speak and understand German, it will simplify your work.



There is a lot to do on the construction site:

  • Conduct meetings
  • Coordinate and monitor the work
  • Keep an eye on dates and costs
  • Make technical decisions
  • Organization of delivery routes, stock and transports


In our course you will learn to manage all these tasks in German.


Where does the German course take place?

The course takes place at your company - Luxembourg City/ Esch region.


How do we start?

Before we start, we have a preliminary meeting. You explain to me what you do and why you need German.


Who is the teacher?

My name is Daniela Fischer. I have been working as an independant German teacher in Luxembourg for 15 years, specialising in professional courses in companies. This has allowed me to gain a lot of experience with German courses in the construction sector (and others).


Are these individual or group courses?



Learning technical German - how does it work?


Construction site + German course = too stressful?

Hm ... Learning German is a fairly time-consuming project.
The whole working day is stressful enough - then take a course, maybe even with homework?

But it's not as dramatic as it seems:


Maybe the following applies to you:

Ok, speaking and understanding German is no problem for you, ... but you think it's not good enough for the job.

  • You are not sure if you can speak German in meetings or in conversations with customers.
  • Maybe your German is a bit rusty because you haven't spoken for a long time.
  • Or: You can speak and understand German, but don't dare to just do it?
  • Or: You would find the right words, but at work things have to go fast and there is no time to think?


In this case, a few hours are often enough:
We train communication on the construction site, and soon you will be ready for action !


You will see:

Once you start, you will quickly remember many words and soon you will be able to speak fluently. You make noticeable progress and the best thing is: You can implement what you have learned immediately on your construction site!



Does a course in technical German also make sense
if you are an absolute beginner?


Yes, in beginner courses you will learn the basics of the German language and at the same time practice conversations in your work situations.
So you can soon actively participate in the communication on your construction site !


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