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Your course in Business German


Your goal

  • Manage your meetings in German - expert discussions as well as small talk !
  • Confidence in conversations with your German partners
  • Find the right words in every conversation!


Your motivation

  • You work for an international company.
  • You are often confronted with the German language: you receive emails and calls or travel to Germany to attend meetings.
  • You would like to learn Business German intensively, individually and with rapid progress, so that you can actively participate in discussions.
  • You want to be able to react spontaneously in every conversation situation.



Your level - Ok, you have learned German, but -

  • You have an intermediate level and want to perfect your German.
  • You don’t feel confident enough to use German in your work.
  • You have forgotten everything you have learned and need a refresher.
  • Or of course: You are a complete beginner and looking for an adventure!



Our programme

  • We train your communication in typical business situations
  • You will become fit in German grammar - practice makes perfect!
  • You will learn how to use your knowledge of Business English to learn German.


Where does the learning effect come from?

  • You are constantly being corrected.
  • We do role plays in business situations and you will be confronted with questions from your counterpart.
  • You will learn how to structure your presentations better.
  • We find alternative formulations.
  • You will learn tricks to simplify your sentences to reduce the risk of grammatical errors.


The learning material

I provide the learning material.


#Reading skills:
It is efficient if we can use « real » practice material:
If possible, provide text examples from your work.


What is Business German?


A tool for your work:

  • Specialist vocabulary from international finance:
    You are an expert in the financial sector. You already know many words, because many technical terms are mostly used in English.
  • Appropriate communication style:
    Speak in clear words! Avoid metaphors, irony, idiomatic expressions, sociolinguistically colored language, national idioms.


Important: The simplicity and clarity of your language has a great advantage: you reduce your risk of error!


Clear thoughts - clear sentences !


You must first know for yourself what you want to say!

  • You make complicated sentences when your thoughts are disorganized. And how should your interlocutors understand what you want to say if you do not yet understand it yourself?
  • A stringent argumentation is reflected in your speaking style. Clear thoughts lead to clear sentences. Short main sentences are easy to keep "under control", they are fine, especially if they have a smart content.
  • Your interlocutors will thank you if they can easily follow you without getting lost in your complicated sentence constructions!
  • No, this is not a law you absolutely have to follow. Of course, you can experiment with long sentence constructions if you think it’s right.




Two topics I have often come across


1 Any tips for the „intermediate level“ ?


"My German is not perfect. I'm afraid of making a fool of myself!" -

#I speak with many people who speak German as a foreign language
– at different levels.
It has not happened to me so far that I have found someone ridiculous !

If you wait until you are perfect, it will never work.

  • Train in real situations!
  • Speaking slowly and looking for the right word is not stupid, it’s serious!
  • You know your field, so you have something important to say and your interviewers are interested in what you say and think. They don’t judge you by your level, but rather whether they understand you.
  • The main thing is that your good ideas get attention.

#NOBODY thinks:
Oh, my counterpart speaks in complicated sentences that I do not understand: he must be super competent!
On the contrary, if your counterpart finds your short clear sentences plausible, he thinks: Oh, I understand him - he speaks well !

Technical terms

Many technical terms from the financial world are only available in English anyway. It is therefore worth trying out English terms in German sentences if you do not have a German word for them. There’s a good chance you’ll be understood.

Positive attitude

Conversely, imagine that your business partner speaks your language as a foreign language: Wouldn’t you listen to him kindly and attentively?


2 Which German do I learn in the course?


Does my language show that I am elite?

Vice versa: Can I convey a wrong picture of myself with my attempts to speak German?
Don’t worry, in my German course you will learn correct German. We make sure that you do not make embarrassing mistakes - you will certainly not come into contact with vulgar language or sociolects !

About « elite »

In Germany - according to sociologists - one cannot speak of a pronounced elite network to the same extent as in England or France. Your German does not indicate whether you have completed an elite university or a "normal" university.

Your language indicates whether you are an "academic".

  • It is a central goal of our course that you master the declination.
  • You learn the appropriate vocabulary to be able to argue abstractly in German. (That doesn't mean you have to be an academic to be able to think abstractly!)
  • The passive voice is an important tool for discussing business or technical issues.

We will practice all this !


#My recommendation after many courses in the financial sector:


If you have an intermediate language level and know exactly that you will make mistakes in your conversation:

Nevertheless, jump into the cold water at the next opportunity!

Sprung ins kalte Wasser


Want to try something out?


Your Elevator Pitch in German !
Here you can find examples:


Quiz on „German at the workplace“







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