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German Intensive Course

My courses take place at your premises in 🇱🇺 Luxembourg.


Learn German quickly
Focus on your goal
Improve - perfect - refresh your German


Book a course :

Send me an email:

- Why do you want to learn German?

- What is your current level?

I’ll make you a price offer.

We’ll make an appointment.




Intensive Course: Learn German quickly


Where do the courses take place?

At your place in Luxembourg, region Luxembourg City/ Esch.


How many hours is a course?

I suggest the following :

  • You already speak German, but feel insecure and don't dare to actively participate in communication at your workplace: Take ten hours. You will be surprised how quickly you reactivate your vocabulary and speak fluently.
  • You are an absolute beginner: you want to progress quickly! I suggest a compact programme of 30 hours in which you learn the basics.


Can I decide for myself how many hours I want to take?

Sure, just tell me in your e-mail what you would like to do.


Is an intensive course more expensive than a normal course?

No, quite the opposite!


#Invest time - save money! - The more intensive, the cheaper!
How does it work?
Ideally, the intensive course works as follows:
You have lessons in which you learn German. We make sure that you understand everything and answer all your questions. You pay me for these lessons.
The time you spend practising on your own is free.
This practice time makes all the difference: You gain routine and consolidate what you have learnt. The exercises are made especially for you - by the way, they are so entertaining that you will enjoy spending your time with them! What you have to invest yourself is your time- the more, the better !.
So you get the maximum "amount" of German for every euro!



What is the difference between an intensive course and a normal course?


  • A normal course runs over a longer period of time and has a frequency of one or two hours per week.
    Important: You can easily integrate the schedule into your working hours and daily life.
  • An intensive course runs for a limited time and has a higher frequency.
    Important: Ideally, the course has priority in your schedule.


Content :

  • A general German course provides a wide range of language skills for everyday communication.
  • If you attend an intensive course, you have a specific reason to learn German. Perhaps you need German at your new workplace. In this case, we will focus on the topics that interest you. Office, finance, construction (in construction, for example, you don't need vocabulary from the catering sector and so on).
    Our aim is for you to be able to communicate as soon as possible.




„I work in the HR team and am looking for a course for our employees.
Is this an intensive course?“


Specialised German course

If your employees have specific questions, an intensive course is recommended. A few hours are often enough to enable them to do their work in German (phone calls, emails, forms), especially if they already have a good level of German.


German lessons in small groups

Another situation is when you want to offer a German course in your company

  • to improve the working atmosphere
  • to help your employees adapt quickly to everyday life in Luxembourg
  • as part of a team-building exercise.

In this case, I recommend a general German course. We talk about everyday life, hobbies, holidays and other interesting topics - according to the level of the participants.

This way they learn German - grammar and all ! - and grow together as a team.

Of course, we always work intensively and efficiently !







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