Dr. Daniela Fischer
German Teacher in Luxembourg


German courses for companies, Private German lessons, Preparation for exams


Since 2008 I have been travelling as an independent German teacher throughout Luxembourg – here and there, from Niederanven to Esch, from Bettemburg to Bridel and of course in the Kirchberg area and in Cloche d’Or.


I worked for a variety of educational institutions, such as Inlingua, Global Lt and Zarabina, as a German teacher before starting my own company.


In recent years I have gained experience in many different companies and with private individuals: businesspeople, lawyers, engineers, accountants, construction workers, civil servants, police officers, ...


My highlights:

  • Employees in a variety of international companies can now bravely engage in conversation with German colleagues, customers or business partners.
  • They can take care of their German email correspondence themselves, without the help of their colleagues.
  • They will answer the phone, even if they see “+ 49” in the display!
    I have successfully prepared Concours fonction publique candidates for the German part of the exam.
  • For many of my clients, German has simply become a new hobby.


My clients appreciate that I am 100% responsive to their needs and their preferred way of learning. The customer sets the pace. From the very beginning, we engage in conversation about simple everyday topics, so that you gain the self-confidence to actively participate in the communication. At the same time, I teach German grammar in comprehensible units, so that you learn to speak not only fluently but also error-free.


The atmosphere in my classes lends itself to concentrated work, but humor is always welcome.
Each class begins on-time as a matter of course, and, as I am the direct contact person, I can respond immediately to any questions, whether they be about the organization or the teaching method, which means that quality control takes place on a continuous basis.


I studied history and Slavic studies at Trier University and did my doctorate on the political theory of the early modern period. My dissertation also deals with the emergence of the modern German language in the 18th century.

Interested in reading it? 



These ancient times have more to do with our present than one would think!


After completing my doctorate, I worked for an insurance company, then I moved to Luxembourg to do something that has long been a dream of mine: to work independently.

Each day I look forward to seeing my students and to working with them; I enjoy preparing my courses for each client and finding new ways to teach the German language in a logical and entertaining way.
The pictures on the page are drawn by me. Drawing is my hobby – besides jogging and reading newspapers.


If you want to book a course, please send me an email with information about yourself and your German project!


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