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Is German Difficult ?

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Is Life too short to learn German? – My method

Oscar Wild said: „Life is too short to learn German!"

Is he right ?

No, life is not too short to learn German.

In the following I would like to explain how you can do it!


Learn German: How to make rapid progress

  • For beginners: In my courses you get a solid basic knowledge.
  • For advanced learners: we keep your goal in mind !


#Your project:

Learning the German language – That's a lot of "stuff"! We will find the right approach for you so that you are motivated right from the start! !


Very important!

  • We work hard – and we also have fun!
  • Don’t worry: you will learn even the difficult topics in small entertaining units.
  • We practice conversation - from the beginning !
  • Your questions always have priority, we will not continue until all your questions have been answered !



The concept of our course has three aspects:

1 Your learning type


From my experience with many students, a kind of typology has emerged. Don’t worry: Any kind of learning type is ok!


Type 1 prefers the principle of "learning by doing": he spontaneously talks about a topic that is just going through his head. His focus is on the exchange of information. By finding a way to express exactly what he wants to say in German, he is learning more and more. I have the role of a critical interlocutor and improve his mistakes, and all questions about grammar are discussed spontaneously. So it quickly becomes clear how German "works".


Type 2 prefers to learn grammar rules and follow a clear order. This kind of learning also makes sense, because we can systematically work through the German language.
I provide a program, including learning materials:

  • A small lesson for every meeting
  • Explanations of the grammar
  • Exercises

We practice conversation - our focus is on using the right grammar.


Type 3: a combination of 1 and 2.

2 Your goal

You would like to learn German

  • out of interest and curiosity,
  • to travel around Germany,
  • to speak with your family,
  • to communicate in German in everyday life – chat and ask questions,
  • You want to improve, refresh or perfect your German in general.

You need German language skills for your job, or you have another specific goal, such as passing an exam.


Our course is focused on your goal.

3 Your available time

Time is crucial: your German course must fit into your daily routine:

  • If you don’t have much time, we make short units that give you an overview and teach the basic skills. You can practice and deepen these later, whenever you have time.
  • Ideally, you will have plenty of time to learn German. In this case, I can provide you with a lot of interesting material - discussion topics and exercises !


#Hi advanced learners:

You need to actively participate in our course - suggest topics and start discussions. Stereotyped exercises will never make you perfect!


Learning material

I provide the learning material.
For specialised courses – business German or technical German - it is helpful if we can use learning material from your „real“ work.


Starting level and placement test

Before the course starts, we do a placement test based on the official levels A1 - C2.
Unless you are an absolute beginner: then we just start!



Is German difficult?


Very important: You know more than you think!

We use everything you already know: previous German courses, German at school, general German knowledge from your life in Luxembourg.

By the way: subject-specific German - e.g. "Business German" - consists to a large extent of English technical words, which you often already know.

In addition, the German language contains many words from Latin, such as "Kommunikation" or "Organisation", which are also known internationally.


#What about grammar?

I love grammar, and that’s contagious! I am sure you will be as fascinated as I am by this system that works like perfectly tuned gears !


A method with two approaches

  • We practise free conversation, where you can take your first steps even as an absolute beginner. As an advanced learner you will of course be corrected so that you can eliminate your last mistakes.
  • At the same time, we deal with German grammar in small entertaining units to ensure that you not only speak fluently but also correctly.



Is German difficult? - Many people have thought about this question. Read on here!

„Life is too short …“








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