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German courses: Guide for HR


Your advantages:

  • Price per hour with flexible number of participants
  • Security in planning and price security for a longer period of time: As soon as the groups are established by level, further participants can be integrated over time.
  • Short ways: You have direct contact with me for all organisational questions.
  • Quality control: You receive regular reports on the progress and attendance of the participants.



Hello HR, this is how you organise your German courses:


The courses take place in small groups

What is a small group?
Usually up to five participants, but it is crucial that they fit together. For example, if we have seven people with the same level, that’s fine.


How do we form the groups? - in 3 steps:


1 You make a survey in your company: Who is interested in the German course?
Those who are interested can register on a list.
In this list there is also a column for their current language level..

#Can people assess themselves?
Yes and no, they are often too modest! That’s no problem, the list gives a first overview of their starting levels.

2 You contact me and we plan our first meeting.

3 In our first meeting we do placement tests and organize the groups.


Important: Total beginners need their own group.


  • Total beginners are people who have never had anything to do with German.
  • NOT total beginners are people who, for example, learned German in school, but "forgot everything". They usually quickly remember what they have already learned, and then they make good progress !

The first meeting is non-binding and free of charge.



  • You can buy a package: I propose 30 hours.
  • Alternatively, you can pay at the end of each month for the hours that took place in that month. Your advantage: So you decide for yourself how many hours you want to take.
  • Cofinancing

Here you can find information about cofinancing


My conditions

  • You provide the room.
  • Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours in advance.
    Otherwise the course will be considered held.


Quality control

  • I report regularly on the progress of the participants.
  • We will keep an attendance list, which I will send to you at the end of the course.


Learning material

is provided by me.


How many hours a week should we take?

Two hours per week is ideal.


Certificate of participation

Certificates of participation will be issued at the end of the course.



My course models


For beginners and advanced learners

I recommend a classical language course.

The first module consists of 30 lessons.

The content corresponds to level A2: conversation in business and everyday life, plus the basics of correspondence.

Thus, the participants get basic knowledge, which allows them to specialize later, if they wish.


For advanced learners

For advanced learners who want to refresh, improve or perfect their German, I would like to offer another model: We arrange one or two fixed appointments per week. Each lesson has its own theme - those students who have time can come, those who have too much work can come back next time.


This course model has two advantages:

  • It takes into account times of high workload of the participants.
  • It has a certain tolerance for level differences: for example, a whole team can participate in the German course and learn German together, even if the participants do not all have the same level.



Special programs for your German courses


Support for a new team member

You have a new employee in a German-speaking team, he or she already speaks German, but feels insecure.
Or: communication in the team is not perfect. In this case, a few targeted lessons are enough for him to get fit.

#I can recommend this course
- from experience

the participants become operational quickly and the teamwork runs smoothly !


Understand emails and documents in German

Emails and documents in German sometimes look more complicated than they are. Here, too, a few hours of targeted training are often enough to enable your employees to do the German part of their work.


Learn German as team building

The participants learn German in small playful lessons. Learning together strengthens their team spirit and improves the working atmosphere !







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