Hello Boss!

German for your next meeting!

Prepare a presentation in German!

You work for an international company or you manage one. In your professional life you are often confronted with German: You get emails and phone calls or you travel to Germany to attend meetings. You would like to learn German quickly, understand German quickly and expand your German language skills.

Ok, yes, you have learned German before, but –

  • You have forgotten everything and need a refresher
  • You do not feel confident enough to use German in your work, and you want to expand upon your German language skills
  • You only need a few targeted exercises to get your language skills up to speed
  • You want to practice typical work situations
  • You are looking for a German course for advanced students
  • – or, of course: you are a complete beginner and looking forward to the adventure! Just jump in at the deep end!

To help us make a plan, please answer the following questions:

  • What does your company do?
  • Why do you need German?
  • How much time do you have?


Here I would like to give you an overview on my course models, with which your employees can quickly learn German:

For complete beginners and for those who already have some German skills, a classical language course designed to advance students through the levels is recommended. The first module comprises 30 lessons: conversation in the office and in everyday life as well as correspondence.

The content corresponds to level A2. In addition, this course offers an introduction to German grammar in short comprehensible units. This gives participants a basis that allows them to continue in different directions: subject-specific German, conversation with clients, reading skills – whatever it is that they need.

Two hours a week are ideal.

Deutschkurs Luxemburg sprechen
Deutschkurs Luxemburg Fortgeschrittene

Advanced participants

For advanced participants who want to refresh, improve or perfect their German, I would like to offer you another model:

We arrange one or two set times per week.

Every lesson has a stand-alone topic – whoever has time can come to the lesson, whoever has too much work at the moment can jump back in again next time.

This course model has two advantages:

On the one hand, it takes into account the workload of the participants,

on the other hand, it offers a certain tolerance for differences in language level: For example, an entire team can visit the German course together to talk about relevant topics or to practice giving presentations.

Three official languages

German is one of the three official languages in Luxembourg and a living component of communication in the office and in everyday life. Therefore, a German course helps to facilitate your operational processes and is beneficial for the working relationships between your employees who come from many different countries – especially for those from the other side of the German border.

Deutschkurs Luxemburg billig

That’s what my students say:

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