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German courses for Companies in Luxembourg

Learn to speak German  –  Where?  –  At your place!

  • Learn to speak German
  • Learn German together with your collegues
  • Improve your German knowledge
  • Meetings and correspondence


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German courses for Companies in Luxembourg

Whether you work for an international company or you run an international company: In your professional life you are frequently confronted with German: you get emails and phone calls or you have to travel to Germany to attend meetings.

It makes things easier if you are able to communicate with your clients and your business partners in their language!

Even if you have learned German before –

  • you don’t feel fluent or confident enough to use it in your job, you like to improve your German knowledge!
  • you’d just need some review exercise to be ready for action!
  • you’d like to enrich your vocabulary, to learn some buzz words, German phrases, German vocabulary!
  • you’d just need some practice in typical work situations,
  • or maybe you are a beginner and would like to challenge yourself – so you start your German course for beginners!!

You need a course for your employees – How to learn German fast?

  • We will do a level test in the first meeting.
  • If they are on a similar level they can learn German together in a group. Otherwise we will organize single lessons.
  • The most important question: Why exactly do they need to learn German? – conversation, business correspondence?
  • How much time can they spare for the course?

Let’s find the best way to learn German for you: please answer the following questions:

  • What does your company do?
  • Why do you need to learn German?
  • What are your availabilities?

Test for advanced learners: Please answer the following questions:

  • Wie gefällt dir Luxemburg?
  • Wohin fährst du am liebsten in Urlaub?
  • Was sind deine Hobbies?

You will get the correction back!

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