German course Lux for advanced students

Two days after New Year, it’s cold but sunny.

No snow, that’s good for me because I have to drive.

Yesterday I had a course with Alexandra.

She comes from Slowenia.

Her German is already very good because she learned it at school

when she was a child.

Now she likes to brush up.

She works in an office on the Kirchberg.

The language at her workplace is English, of course

but sometimes she gets emails in German.

She has no problem to understand but she doesn’t like to ask

her collegues to correct her answer.

And it would be nice to talk with them in the coffee break in German.

Our course starts at 6.30 pm.

Alexandra has reserved a meeting room.

A:   Hi Daniela, happy New Year!

D:   Hi Alexandra, thank you!


… discussion about the German phrase to wish a Happy New Year


D:    And what are you doing in the office? You don’t have holiday?

A:     No, in the opposite! I have a lot of things to do!

Tomorrow I have to go to London for two days

and today I already had some meetings to prepare my conference in London.

D:   Ahh, life is hard! But did you have some time to do your homework?

A:     Of course!

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