German course discussion about the weather

The new week begins.

Yesterday the weather was sunny but of course it is still cold:

it’s winter, so it’s good that it’s cold!

Yesterday I went for a walk in the vineyards around Trier.

Many people were enjoying the sunshine,

jogging or walking their dogs.

Last Friday I had a course with Anna.

She just was back from her holiday.

A:   My holiday was great. The weather in Mexico was very hot and sunny!

But now I have to make a lot of sports because the food was very good!

D:    You will manage! And the weather was really better than in Luxembourg?

A:   Haha, yes, it was a real choc when we landed in Lux!

D:    Of course now you have to get used to the cold climate again.

Today begins my course in Bettembourg.

It is a course in business correspondence.

This sounds complicated but it isn’t

It is not that difficult to write a business letter in German,

like for example in French.

So let’s go!

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