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Professional German Courses for construction managers, craftsmen and architects

Learn German – Professional German Courses


Professional German Courses
for construction managers, craftsmen and architects

  • Learning German for the construction sector: It's a good idea, especially in Luxembourg. You work with German-speaking colleagues and partners. There are meetings, customer conversations and phone calls.
    It makes your work easier if you speak German.
  • Our course is specially designed for situations on the construction site.
    You will learn exactly the vocabulary you need and improve your language skills so that you can speak German more fluently.



Booking a professional German course
- how does it work?

  • You send me an email in which you answer the following questions:
    What are the participants working on and why do they want to learn German or to improve their German?
    How many people would like to participate?
  • I make you a price offer.
  • Then we set the dates.

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Deutsch lernen

Where do the professional German courses take place?

The courses take place at your company in Luxembourg: Luxembourg City/ Esch region.


Who is the teacher?

My name is Daniela Fischer. I have been working as a self-employed German teacher in Luxembourg for 15 years. This gives me experience with professional German courses in the construction sector (and other industries).


How do we get started?

Before we start, we have a preliminary conversation: you tell me what you are working on and why you want to learn German or improve your German.


Who can participate in the courses?

Individuals or the whole team. Anyone who is interested in learning German. However, the starting levels should not be too different. (We will clarify this during our preliminary discussion).


Learn German - Professional German Courses

Teaching method
There's a lot to do on the construction site:

  • Leading meetings
  • Coordinating and supervising work
  • Managing deadlines and costs
  • Making technical decisions
  • Implement solutions for delivery routes, storage areas and material transport.



However, learning German is a relatively time-consuming project. Sometimes it's not so easy to take a course on top of work - and even do homework!

But maybe it's not as difficult as it looks:

The following could apply to you:

You speak German, ...

  • But you are not sure if you are good enough for meetings and conversations with clients.
  • You understand everything but don't dare to speak German.
  • Maybe your German is a bit rusty because you haven't spoken it for a long time.
  • Or: You would find the right words, but at work you obviously don't have time to think.


In this case, a few hours of a professional German course are often enough to practise situations and conversations that are important for your work.


Learn German - I suggest the following course model for your professional German course:

We start from your current knowledge of German in the field in which you work. We start with the topics you really need. (For example, you don't need bakery vocabulary on a construction site and vice versa).

  • We practise typical communication situations from your work.
  • You can speak German without stress and expand your vocabulary.
  • We also look at emails and documents - if you wish - so that you can understand them quickly.


Once you start,

you will find that you know more than you think! You will quickly memorise your vocabulary and be able to speak German more fluently in professional situations. You will make noticeable progress and then be able to use what you have learned.

 Cours d'allemand professionnel pour chefs d'entreprise, artisans et architectes.


Learn German – Professional German Courses from scratch?

Does the course also make sense if I am a complete beginner?

Yes, even in a course for beginners we start with typical work situations. This way you will soon be able to speak German and participate in the communication on your construction site..


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