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German Language Classes – Beginner Level and Advanced Learners
Intensive German Course
Brush up and improve your German language skills

Your private German course is 100% tailored to your individual needs and questions.


What does that mean – “Your German course is tailor-made”?
It simply means that I don't stick rigidly to my programme. I try to adapt to you: to your questions, to your way of learning and to the topics that interest you.

Learn German: Here are some questions to find out more about your goal:

  • Are you a beginner?
  • Did you learn German at school, but almost forgot it?
  • Would you like to prepare for an exam (German Certificate CEFR)?
  • Do you need to learn German for your work?
  • Do you already speak German well, but would like to get rid of those last pesky mistakes?
  • Are you looking for an intensive German course?


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Learn German - Private Classes for Beginners

For beginners, I recommend my base module in 30 units.
In each hour you get a short lesson with texts and exercises.


The content corresponds to the German level A2 and provides a basis for all further projects to learn German: moving up a level – in everyday conversation or at work, feeling secure in correspondence, improving your reading skills or taking an exam.


Right from the beginning, we will make a first attempt at conversation. We will have conversations according to your current German level to improve your active language skills.
While doing so, I continuously correct you so that you can expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar.


An intensive German course is also possible. Please let me know how many hours you would like to invest.

Learn German – Private Lessons




Learn German - Private Lessons for Advanced Learners

For advanced learners or those who would like to refresh their German skills, there is a little placement test at our first meeting. On this basis, we simply move on.
We discuss interesting topics, read selected texts and work on your grammar and vocabulary in appropriate exercises.


Of course, we can also specialize in your professional environment and make you fit for your presentations and email correspondence in German.


If you are planning to take a CEFR German Certificate exam, I can help you prepare.


Please note: You can get the certificate from the Institut National des Langues As a private provider, I cannot award certificates.

Private German Lessons for Advanced Learners





Learn German -Private Lessons in Groups
(beginners and advanced):


  • You organize a group of participants who all have a comparable level – e.g. colleagues or friends.
  • You provide a space where we can meet.
  • You all share the price.


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