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  • You work for an international company or you manage one.
  • In your professional life you are often confronted with German: You get emails and phone calls or you travel to Germany to attend meetings.
  • You would like to learn German quickly, understand German quickly and expand your German language skills.

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yes, you have learned German before, but –

  • You have forgotten everything and need a refresher
  • You do not feel confident enough to use German in your work, and you want to expand upon your German language skills
  • You only need a few targeted exercises to get your language skills up to speed
  • You want to practice typical work situations
  • You are looking for a German course for advanced students
  • or, of course:
    you are a complete beginner and looking forward to the adventure !
  • Just jump in at the deep end!

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Learn German quickly

To help us make a plan, please answer the following questions:


What does your company do?

Why do you need German?

How much time do you have? 

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