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German for Dummies? Teaching Method


I have been working as a German teacher in Luxembourg since 2008.
My teaching method is based on my experience with many different clients - business and private customers.

A decisive factor – especially in companies – is the amount of time available: The German course must fit into the daily schedule.

  • That’s why my German classes are planned with your current workload in mind. Although, of course, I always appreciate that you give priority to the German course! 😊
  • We work hard, but we also have fun!


What we will do: My Teaching Method

Learn German for Dummies? - You know more than you think!


We make use of everything you already know: previous German courses, German learned in school, general knowledge of German language from your life in Luxembourg, technical words – for example “Business German” consists largely of English words. In general, the German language contains many international words – p.ex. “comunication” or “organization” – that you already know..


Learn German: Pedagogical Approach


I use two parallel approaches:

  • Free conversation in which you can make your first attempts at communication even as an absolute beginner in learning German. If you already have an advanced language level, I will permanently support and correct you so that you can eliminate the last mistakes. This will give you the confidence to speak German easily.
  • At the same time we work on German grammar in small, fun units to make sure that you speak German fluently and correctly.


I provide the teaching material.



Life is too short to learn German?




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