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Bre Europe

„Generally speaking, participants are very satisfied with the opportunity of taking German Classes as they are eager to improve their current level and they possibly can use it in their current job.

Further they are very pleased with your teaching method, it seems that you apply a practical approach and that you are taking enough time for each individual.

Also your patience is very much appreciated by the students. Overall, they are totally pleased with the lessons.“





» Dans le cadre de la formation Office-Assistentin, Madame Daniela Fischer intervient en tant que chargée du cours de correspondance commerciale allemande depuis 8 ans.
Elle dispense sa matière dans des groupes multiculturels de 12 personnes qui ont pour objectif de réintégrer le marché de l’emploi luxembourgeois dans les métiers du secrétariat.
Elle sait adapter son enseignement à des niveaux intermédiaire et avancé et veille à l’organisation du travail individuel de chaque participante.




Marie and Ludo, Luxembourg

"It's been now 2 years that my wife and myself actually came across Daniela's path. Beginning with a level 0, we gotta start having a good command of the language and through all the (funny) listening and comprehension a good overview of the german culture and people. It's with pleasure that each week we are waiting for our german class....I would not believe that I would ever say such a thing one day!"




Mimi, Luxembourg

"I have been studying with Daniela in the format of 90min-private lessons. Daniela is very committed to her meetings. She always arrives on time and is always well prepared for the lesson. She is patient and encouraging and is continuously looking for new ways to explain and make me understand better. We have been concentrating mostly on speaking and are working a lot on managing a conversation. I enjoy her classes and have already made a significant progress. I can now communicate with my collegues in German, also via telephone."




Sam, Luxembourg

"I had weekly lessons with Daniela for over a year in preparation for competitive examinations to become a lawyer-linguist at an EU institution. We worked together to tailor the lessons to help me to reach my goals, namely improving both my reading comprehension and my spoken German. She adapted her teaching to meet my needs, and I enjoyed and looked forward to our lessons. Daniela was always well prepared and punctual. I am very grateful to her and am very happy with the outcome achieved."



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