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Company Training – German Classes


You are looking for an in-company German course:

  • You can improve your colleagues' skills with a German course: German is one of the three official languages in Luxembourg and an integral part of daily communication. A German course can therefore facilitate the processes in your company. It is an advantage to be able to switch easily from one language to another.
  • Moreover, employees get to know each other better when they attend a course together. A language course can improve team spirit and the working atmosphere.


Company Training – My Offer for In-House German Classes:


How do you register your employees for a course?

  • Can you give me some information about the purpose of the German classes? Are the participants interested in a conversation course? Do they need help with their emails? Or both?
  • To prepare for the course, the participants take a little placement test.
  • If all the participants have about the same level, they can attend their German course together. If not, we organize individual lessons.
  • We agree on a date for the first meeting and set a schedule.
  • I recommend two hours of lessons per week.



Company Training – German Classes - Your Advantages:

  • German language training priced per hour, no matter how many participants.
  • You can contact me directly for all organizational matters.
  • For quality control, you will receive regular reports on the progress and attendance of the participants.

Please book via email. Company training – German Classes




Here I would like to give you an overview of my course models, which are based on my experience from many German courses in companies.



Company Training – German Classes for Beginners

For absolute beginners and for those who already have some knowledge of German, I recommend a classic language course that takes learners from one lesson to the next.
The first module comprises 30 lessons – conversational German in the office and in everyday life as well as correspondence.


The content corresponds to level A2. In addition, this course offers an introduction to German grammar in short comprehensible units.


This gives participants a basis that allows them to continue in different directions: subject-specific German, conversational German, reading skills – whatever it is that they need.


Two hours a week are ideal for an in-company German course.

Company Training - German classes




Company Training - German Classes for Advanced Students

For advanced participants who want to refresh, improve or perfect their German, I would like to offer you another course model:


We agree on one or two fixed times per week. Each German lesson has an independent topic - whoever has time can come to the lesson, whoever has too much work at the moment can come back the next time.


This course model has two advantages:
First, it takes into account the workload of the participants. Secondly, it offers a certain tolerance for differences in language level: for example, a whole team can attend the German course together to talk about relevant topics or practice presentations – whatever they need or want to do.

Company Training – German Classes






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