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You take the exam for the certificate at the Institut National des Langues:



I can help you prepare, but as a private provider I cannot award certificates.



The Common European Framework of Reference
(CEFR) ...

... describes your language level according to internationally standardized criteria.


A certificate is an advantage if you want to apply for a job that requires language skills – which is usually the case in Luxembourg.


The certificate gives HR a precise idea of your language skills.

In the certificate exam, the oral and written language skills are tested:
There is a part in which you have a conversation, you will be required to write a text and complete a listening and a reading comprehension.


A1 is the lowest level (introducing yourself, short communications situations in everyday life), C2 the highest (you speak German as if it were your native language).

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How many hours do you need to get from one level to another?

Good question – it depends on various factors: If you already speak other languages that are similar to German, of course, it goes faster.
As a rough estimate, you need about 180 to 200 hours to get, for example, from A2 to B1.


Which course is the right one

For our German course, it makes a difference whether you plan to pass an exam, or whether you simply want to improve your German in your individual environment. Both are not mutually exclusive, but the emphasis is slightly different for each.


A German course taken in preparation for the certificate examination is tailored to the exam situation.
You should plan enough time to write short essays and to train your reading and listening comprehension – ideally also outside the course time.


If your priority is to improve your communication within your specific environment to make you feel more secure or to communicate faster with your colleagues, we focus primarily on your situation and the topics that are relevant for you – this, of course, does not preclude you subsequently acquiring a certificate.

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