Dr. Daniela Fischer

German teacher in Luxembourg – German courses at your place – courses for companies, private lessons, preparation for exams


I am an independent German teacher in Lux since 2008 – I am travelling all the way through Luxembourg, from Niederanven to Esch, from Bettemburg to Bridel and of course in Kirchberg and Cloche d’Or.

I have worked as a German teacher for different formation institutes like inlingua, global lt and Zarabina before I started my own business.

In recent years, I have been able to gain experience in many different companies and with many indivdual students: business people, lawyers, engineers, auditors, construction people, civil servants, policemen, … and also in all matters related to the courses: scheduling, flexibility – especially in companies!

My highlights:

  • several lawyers have passed the (old) CCDL with my help.
  • Candidates for the Concours fonction publique have successfully prepared for the German part of the exam.
  • Product managers and other employees of international companies do their German email correspondence, now without the help of their German colleagues
  • They also go to the phone even if they see “+ 49” in the display
  • For many of my customers, German has simply become a new hobby

I studied history and slavistik in Trier and received my doctorat in history on a subject about „political theory of the German enlightenment“. My thesis is about the formation of modern German language in the 18th century. Want to read?  Abstract  These ancient times have more to do with our present than we think!

After my graduation, I worked for an insurance company before I finally realized an old dream: to be a teacher.

This means for me, I am looking forward to my students and my work with them every day, I like to prepare my courses and to find new ways to present the German language in learnable units: off the records: Indeed, German is not so easy – but: pssst!


The pictures on the page are from me. Drawing is my hobby – besides jogging and reading.

If you want to take a course, send me an email with information about yourself and your German project.

What my Clients say:

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