Course in Cloche d’Or

Yesterday I had a course with Jack.

He works in an office in Cloche d’Or.

His company authorized individual lessons for him

because he will have to travel to Germany to take part in meetings

wich are not always in English.

He was an absolute beginner and so there is a lot to do for him!

Oh, he did some homework!

He wrote a little story:

We read the text: only some little mistakes!

D:    Great, well done!

J:    Thank you – I have a question:

My sister and her husband will come to see us this weekend.

We would like to go to Trier.

Do you have a suggestion what we could do there?

D:     Well, a lot of things! Do you want to stay there for the whole day?

J:    Yes, on Saturday.

D:   It depends on the weather.

J:   We are optimistic!

I think the weather will be good on Saturday.

D    So you could visit the Roman monuments:

Porta Nigra, Amphitheater and the Kaiserthermen.

You also could go for a walk on the border of the Mosel.

J:     Oh, are there Restaurants on the border of the Mosel?

D:    Of course, it’s really nice!



We talk about some more interesting places in and around Trier,

p.ex. an Open Air Museum near Konz

and Jack agrees to write a report in German about his Saturday in Trier.


Better you read the German Original:


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