• Why do you like to learn German?
  • Are you beginner or advanced?
  • What are youre availabilities?

Testfragen für Fortgeschrittene:

  • Was sind deine Hobbies?
  • Was ist dein Lieblingsfilm?
  • Welche Sportart schaust du im Fernsehen?

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  • in Luxembourg since 2008
  • you can book a classical language course to learn German or to improve youre level
  • you like to talk with youre mother-in-law in Frankfurt?
  • you have decided to apply for a job in Munich?
  • you want to listen to parliament debates in Berlin?
  • you are keen to read Goethe in the original language?

Anyway the organisation of youre course will be quick and simple!


Dr. Daniela Fischer
Helenenstraße 28
54295 Trier

Tel.: +49 651 42860

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