Training B1 exam

Lunchtime in the Office

Today is Thursday. It’s raining. The air-conditioning is running in our meeting room.

I’m a little bit early, so I take myself a coffee and look out of the window.

What will we do today?

My 11-o’clock-course would like to prepare for the B1 exam.

Today we will exercise for the oral part.

The candidates have to present a topic,

which then will be discussed by the groupe.

The door opens

Luisa:    Hi Daniela, are you waiting?

D:     No, don’t worry!

L:    I went for lunch with some collegues.

Usually we use the catering service …

D:    I’ve seen a foodtruck in front of the building.

Did you try it?

The other students come in.

We have a discussion about food, about sports and about health.

We also talk about the stressful workday and that it would be best

to spend lunchbreak by jogging or going for a walk.

Stau auf dem Kirchberg

Traffic Jam on the Kirchberg

Susie:     Sorry for being late!

There was a traffic jam on the Kirchberg.

Daniela:     No problem, we’ve just got started.

Paul:       Why there was a traffic jam?

Susie:    Oh, at the moment there are lots of traffic jams.

because of the construction sides for the new tram.

But I think this will be a good thing.

I’m sure that many people will use the tram instead of their cars.

P:      You don’t have to drive around for a parking place.

S:      Why do you need to look for a parking place?

Our company has reserved parking places for the staff.

P:    Right, I will get my own place next month.

I’m on a waiting list.

At the moment it takes me twenty minutes every morning …

Daniela, you could take the bus from Trier.

There is a direct connection to the Cloche d’Or.

D:   Yes, I’ve seen it, it is the number 306,

but for me it doesn’t make sense to take the bus

because I have courses at many places in Lux.

So it’s better to go by car.

S:    Well it happens that the bus is stuck in a traffic jam, too.

P:     So you have to get out and walk.

S:     Great idee in winter!


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